We Need To Know … We Don’t Want To Know

by EdwardBerger on November 23, 2014


If so, where are the follow-up studies of those dropped on their heads by the schools? We don’t have information – at least not in any district or charter schools I know of – about the kids pushed out of schools. We like to call them “dropouts,” but they really are “push outs.” For whatever reason, these kids are damaged and forced out as soon as they reach the legal age to drop them. We need to track them. My state, known as the “Wild West of Charter Schools,” has what may be the highest push-out rate in the US. It is created by ideologies that have failed, but are still in place and never accountable.

There are no funds to repair the damages and help the push-out kids get caught-up. Few community colleges can provide the remedial work and tutoring necessary for these damaged human beings to master the essential skills and pass the GED – or at the least, get the basic skills necessary for employment. As it stands, few employers will hire them. The military doesn’t want them. They have no futures. We are creating a massive welfare generation of very angry alienated citizens.

Parents sold on school choice, pull their children out of comprehensive public schools and enroll them in partial schools in the hope that this choice will deliver a better education. Then two things happen: 1)The partial school works for their child and what has been left out of a comprehensive education may not hurt the child’s chances. 2)The partial school must show progress on test scores and college admissions. Kids that don’t perform well are most often dropped and kicked back to the district school. They arrive back in the district schools way behind the other students who have experienced teachers and a comprehensive curriculum. As they experience the failure built into this reality, they most often drop out, or fade until they are passed on to get rid of them.

Every education department must keep tract of and record, for the public record, the children deprived of a quality education. No one can ignore this crisis that affects so many of our young people. If, as a parent, teacher, or taxpayer you can not get the information about the numbers of children harmed by our schools, and know which schools – public or charter, then demand it!

Tests have been forced on our schools by those who buy into a business model for education and believe more data will make schools accountable and better. The irony is that they have not collected and analyzed the data about children failed by the schools as a result of failed ideologies.

If you have data about the children damaged by charter schools and district schools, please share it. Be specific. Don’t reveal personal data. Let’s inform our Nation and its leaders of this terrible waste. Share case studies.


President Obama Destroyed His Educator Base

by EdwardBerger on November 6, 2014

The Obama administration, and especially Arne Duncan, dealt a blow to educators, parents and educated citizens when they sided with corporations like Pearson, and those who believe a punishing blow to teachers and public community schools will improve American education.

The USDOE is now an agency without credibility, driven by ideologies that are not based in reality. For example, pushing the false belief that bad teachers are responsible for troubled schools. The Obama administration discounted the real factors that hold children back - poverty, fear, instability, and futility generated by a failed economic system, not teachers or bad parents. In doing this, President Obama has lost the confidence of our educated leaders and shamed his largest support base.

By systematically destroying the nations confidence in educators and public schools, and following unqualified, self-appointed change agents like Bill Gates, Eli Broad, Michelle Rhee, Mike Bloomberg, and a few dozen other profiteers, this administration undermined confidence in educators and fact-based education. To do this they develop tests to prove that bad teachers are exposed by student tests. They do this by whatever means Pearson can profit by selling tests, and more tests, that are made mandatory for all school districts to buy and force into place. To do this, they overlook what schools really do for children and for the future.

President Obama ignored votes of no confidence in Arne Duncan and the present course of the USDOE. He totally discounts scholars and experienced education leaders. In doing so, he destroyed his base. He has let stand the false charges that teachers and teachers associations are the problem, and he has allowed the re-segregation of schools in many states. He has supported access to public tax dollars by religious schools. He has provided wealth from our education tax dollars to profit-driven corporations, not to kids.

I can only hope he assesses the cost of his education policies and the alienation of educators, parents, and educated people. He has followed the most radical Republican agenda. The question is why? What did Arne Duncan and his team of sellouts do to deserve his support? What did making the USDOE into an agency to destroy public schools, and open the education tax coffers to greed, do for America?

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Focus On The Children – What We Do for Them And to Them

August 23, 2014

Many communities are fighting to save their public schools. When the administrators and elected board members interface with their communities to pass bond issues or stop the drain of students pulled away by partial schools, they assume everyone knows they are fighting for kids. That must be the reason they don’t focus on education issues. […]

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August 9, 2014

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Votes Of No Confidence Must Not Be Ignored

July 6, 2014

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Finally, The Corporate Press Is Exposing Duncan and Gates

May 20, 2014

A cultural lag. For many years education leaders have been pointing out the flaws in this top-down, mean-spirited, child and teacher damaging, ideological, and harmful nonsense laid on our schools. The USDOE has given access to the top levels of our education leadership and policy making to people who have never been vetted or elected, […]

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SAVING COMMUNITY SCHOOLS reposted from May 2013

April 26, 2014

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An Open Letter To The President And First Lady

March 31, 2014

Dear President Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle Obama, I am writing due to extreme concerns about the American Public Education System being altered and changed on your watch. I am in my 53rd year as an educator. I entered my first classroom,  as a teacher, in 1961 and have learned at all levels of […]

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