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Jun 15th, 2018 Uncategorized EdwardBerger 3 min read

Sessions must be removed as Attorney General of the United States.  He openly lied to Congress many times at his confirmation hearing. These lies were televised and obvious to the American people.  He is responsible for acts and statements of racial bias, not limited to his investment in privatizing prisons and incarcerating persons of color.  He often acts against the majority will of the American…

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Mar 5th, 2018 Uncategorized EdwardBerger 2 min read

George was a powerhouse who worked dawn-to-dusk.  In 1968 he was in his seventies but seemed a young fifty. Everywhere he went, his worn shovel was in his hand. When he wasn’t setting a fruit tree of jabbing at a noxious weed he was following a wall and unearthing an ancient room. At night, sitting within the cool, thick walls of their beautiful home, we…

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Let’s start with a no-brainer:  No Education Without Immediate And Practical Application. That sums up all that I know about learning, teaching, and education. All that I have observed and found true since I began teaching in 1961. It is the key to understanding why the education systems have been failing our children.  It is the key to understanding why educators who have attempted to…

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Did You Miss The Celebration?

Those who are celebrating do not intend to represent our communities. In the primary elections, big money from outside – called Dark Money – succeeded in blocking community interests. Take the future of our public schools for example. By positioning themselves for a win in the general election, they can put in place a plan to destroy our community schools, elected school boards, and the…

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Too Many Politicians Reject The Concept Of Representing Those Who Elected Them

Aug 17th, 2016 Community Education, National Education Dialogue, Uncategorized EdwardBerger 2 min read

Sometimes you just need to get away and sit beside a beautiful stream and sort your thoughts. My thoughts were running into each other and processing the same information over and over again. I had chased questions around and around in my head until I had to assume that very little of what I was learning made any sense. I knew I had to find…

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We Can Recover From The School Choice Movement

We have over 20 years of data about charter schools (partial schools) and how they have benefited or damaged public education and children. Originally, the purpose of charter schools was to free educators with new insights and give them the support they needed to create education programs that would improve our public schools. Many effective educators believed they could demonstrate ways to break out of…

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Opt Out! A Parent’s Movement. WHY?

He loved school. He was excited about so many things, so many of his teachers, especially what he was learning. He was usually up and ready to go to school. He was in love with life. He came home and shared what he was learning. We were very happy and proud of him. All of that changed for the worse. We thought something was wrong…

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True Learning Does Not Result From Standardization

This blog addresses education vs inculcation via standardization. THE LEARNING PATH …I wanted to test the outcomes of my teaching approaches, my assumptions, and my new programs. I learned that the system did not have up-to-date tests, or the types of tests that could give me the input I needed. I feared some form of inadequate evaluation using outmoded standards could be used to try…

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Representative Democracy Is Worth Saving

In every state people go to the polls and elect representatives who will make their issues heard. What they are not aware of is that organized minorities entrenched in the government do not want the people’s input. In fact, what the majority of citizens want is often intentionally blocked. The agenda of those in control of the government can supersede any issue that comes from…

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Arizona: Strangled By An Organized Minority

Jan 25th, 2016 Uncategorized EdwardBerger 6 min read

Arizona is run by a well-organized minority. They work to undermine and control representative democracy, elected boards and officials, public schools, environmental regulations, any law that limits the powers of corporations, and interference in their affairs by The People. They believe in the right to rape, rip and run for personal gain while demanding free and unregulated access to natural and national resources. They attack…