We may suspend all or part of the solution-dependent solution, or your access or use of data stored in the cloud (i) if you are indebted (or the dealer you purchased) for 15 days or more; (ii) upon receipt of a subpoena or request from law enforcement; or (iii) if we are reasonably confident economically that you have breached this agreement or that your use of the solution poses an immediate security risk or that Dell may be held responsible. We will make economically reasonable efforts to notify you of a suspension at least 12 hours in advance, unless we (or the cloud partner) decide, in our economically reasonable judgment, that a suspension of a shorter or simultaneous termination is necessary to protect us, the cloud partner or our customers. If we provide the solution in combination with a trial program such as a demo, evaluation, pilot project or concept project (a “test”), we can delete customer content stored in the cloud immediately after the end of the trial version without us having to return customer content to you. However, if you renovate the solution for the standard life immediately after the trial ends, we will keep the customer`s content in the cloud in accordance with this agreement. “description of the solution”: (i) a discussion paper, specifications, a description of the solution or any other agreement referring to this agreement or cloud partnership terms, or (ii) an online specification sheet or description referred to in an order form. If you purchase a Dell solution implemented by a member of Dell Cloud`s partnership program (a “cloud partner”), your solution (a “partner solution”) may be regulated by additional terms and conditions displayed on your order form or during the online ordering process (“Cloud Partnership Conditions”). You guarantee and guarantee that you have obtained all the rights, privileges and consents necessary for the use and transfer of customer or end-user data within and outside the country in which you are located, in conjunction with the provision of the service (or our cloud partners) or your use of the software (including the provision of reasonable disclosures and obtaining legally sufficient consents by your employees). , agents, contractors and end-users). You are responsible for the data and software you use or store in the cloud, including maintenance, operation and compatibility in and with the cloud, as well as all third-party claims regarding this cloud.

You understand and accept that neither Dell nor the cloud partners have control over the content of the data processed and that Dell (or, if necessary, the cloud partner) performs the services on your behalf. If you or an end-user transmits data to a third-party website or other provider that is related or made accessible to the solution, you and the end user agree with our or the cloud partners that allow such a transfer, but this transmission and any related interactions are done exclusively between you and the website or third-party provider and may be subject to additional commercial terms that are provided by website or third-party provider.