I try to keep up with the NEWS. Some things are hard to understand. The other night I watched a video clip of Sarah Palin trying to explain Rick Santorum’s relationship with the devil. (Is devil capitalized?) She said she didn’t understand how people could get so “wee-wee’d-up” about this.¬† I realized¬† she had leaked special code words, streamed across the networks, that most likely alerted wee-wee’d-up members of the far right. I’m not paranoid enough to think that this was a coded message to the dirty tricks guys like Rove, or even those trying to destroy the American education system. But… What else could wee-wee’d-up mean? is this a female or male thing? Would a urologist know if it is possible?¬† It really pi..ed me off!

Trying to be a good citizen,