The second false premise on which the syncretism movement is based is that religions are responsible for wars and conflicts. This usual New Age accusation is directed against Catholicism, but such an accusation against the Church was condemned by Pius IX in his: Syllabus of Errors8. War is a product of sin and the injustice that comes with it. It is also a divine punishment for sin, as confirmed by Our Lady of Fatima. Last Monday, the Pope and the highest imam of Sunni Islam signed an alliance that courageously declares that Christians and Muslims worship the same God and that it is God`s will that all the world`s major religions coexist peacefully. For much more on this subject, please read my previous article entitled “The Pope and the most important imam of Islam have just signed an alliance that brings us much closer to a religion of a single world”. But in the context of the “sustainable development” discourse, the Pope again used the term “solidarity.” It is a word he has often used lately, and when he uses it, he refers to the need for world unity. Specifically, he almost always uses this slogan when talking about the need for global religious unity. One “point of resistance” studied was “fundamentalism.” According to San Jose Mercury News5, New Ager Robert Muller (former UN Under-Secretary-General prepared by U Thant to support the UN goal of the Association of World Religions) said that fundamentalism`s “inflexible belief systems” “play a stimulating role in global conflicts.” “Peace will be impossible,” he said, “without the taming of fundamentalism by a united religion that is committed to fidelity” only to world spirituality and the health of this planet. The importance of the World Conference on Religion and Peace was recently underscored when the Vatican hosted the first session of its sixth General Assembly in November 1994. The theme of the conference was “Healing the World: Religion for Peace”. It was the first time that an official interreligious conference had been convened near the Holy See. In his opening address, the Pope told the 900 representatives of the world`s religions gathered in the synodal hall that “religious leaders must make clear that they profess the promotion of peace” and that religions “must have a dialogue of mutual understanding and peace based on the values they share.” He concludes by saying: “The Vatican is open to you.

I hope you will all be back soon.¬†They were all read aloud and prayed for because, as the title of the event suggests, “No one alone can be saved.” Especially in a connected and globalized world that has been gripped by a pandemic. .