Convey the confidence and ability to deal with real customer issues. The biggest complaint we hear from General Counsel is that his lawyers don`t understand their affairs – in fact, most GC interviews suggest that few of their outside lawyers don`t even ask for the GC`s pressing concerns outside of the narrowness of the task at hand. Many experts admit to being like the pollster who wrote bluntly: “I won`t dare to speak outside of my basic knowledge about what it takes to work together.” This hesitation prevents partners from finding ways for their colleagues in other groups of practitioners to create added value; Instead, they try to pitch to unreceptive customers who don`t need this type of service, and the bad reaction from customers reinforces their belief that collaboration doesn`t work. Professional development can reverse this situation, provided that it is practical, equips lawyers with certain basic business concepts and strategy used by their own clients and considers that partners are responsible for both behavioural changes and outcomes. In our research, we only encountered a few consultants who could offer this demanding level of training for law firms. It was with this way of thinking that my research team at the Center on the Legal Profession and I began this project to produce a compelling body of evidence consisting of millions of datasets from multiple professional services firms, combined with hundreds of interviews with lawyers, chiefs of staff, and their clients.