12. The personal files of certain UNRRA personnel which are not kept in the staff of the liquidation administrator shall be transmitted by UNRRA to the United Nations in New York on or before 31 December 1948. Retained personal records shall be transmitted to the United Nations by the liquidation administrator on a date to be fixed by the Administrator. The United Nations assumes full responsibility for the retention and maintenance of such records from the date of transmission of such records, as well as for responding to questions relating to staff previously employed by UNRRA. The special conditions for the storage, management, use and location of these recordings are agreed separately. (a) From the date of entry into force of this Agreement, the United Nations shall assume full responsibility for the preservation and management of the records and archives of UNRRA and after 31 December 1949 also financial responsibility for their preservation and maintenance. The various Annexes referred to in and annexed to this Agreement shall form part of this Agreement and shall be read in the context of this Agreement. 3. Instructs the Secretary-General to seek arrangements with the Director-General of UNRRA with a view to submitting to the General Assembly comprehensive reports on the work of UNRRA and on the progress made in economic recovery in the countries supported by UNRRA. Where ICEF has ceased operations at the time when one of the transfers of assets provided for in this Agreement takes place or at the time of the maturation of those assets, those assets shall be transferred to other agencies or agencies that the UNRRA Central Committee may designate in advance or used in their favour.

If the UNRRA Central Committee does not designate another agency or if the organization designated by the UNRRA Central Committee has ceased its activities, the Secretary-General of the Organization shall designate the Organization most likely to advance the objectives for which UNRRA receives contributions from its members. 9. In the event of the death, resignation or withdrawal for reasons related to the Administrator of UNRRA Records, the Secretary-General of the United Nations shall appoint a successor. Subject to UNRRA personnel rules and the availability of resources and subject to the superior authority of the Secretary-General, the administration and follow-up (including resignation) of other UNRRA archives staff shall be the responsibility of the UNRRA Archives Officer. The First World War supplanted more refugees than in the living memory of Europeans, first from Belgium in 1914, then to Eastern Europe, cf. the civil wars and the new national borders of 1917-1919. Much of the aid was provided by private, often American, charities, such as herbert Hoover. World War II probably seemed to create even more refugees, which led governments to act: U.S.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt proposed to the Agency in June 1943 to relieve the territories liberated by the Axis powers after the fighting ended.