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    Let’s start with a no-brainer:  No Education Without Immediate And Practical Application. That sums up all that I know about learning, teaching, and education. All that I have observed and found true since I began teaching in 1961. It is the key to understanding why the education systems have been failing our children.  It is […]

  • We Can Recover From The School Choice Movement

    We Can Recover From The School Choice Movement

    We have over 20 years of data about charter schools (partial schools) and how they have benefited or damaged public education and children. Originally, the purpose of charter schools was to free educators with new insights and give them the support they needed to create education programs that would improve our public schools. Many effective […]

  • Representative Democracy  Is  Worth Saving

    Representative Democracy Is Worth Saving

    In every state people go to the polls and elect representatives who will make their issues heard. What they are not aware of is that organized minorities entrenched in the government do not want the people’s input. In fact, what the majority of citizens want is often intentionally blocked. The agenda of those in control […]

  • Getting Our Heads Out Of The Morass

    Edward R. Murrow once said: “I am in a financial morass from which I am unable to extricate myself.” Many States are in a political morass as a result of a planned assault on America. The question is, how do we extricate ourselves? In Arizona, one of the most corrupt states, leaders are emerging who […]

  • Charter Schools are Set-up To Fail

    For many years, I have written about the charter school movement. As you know, I label the majority of these schools “Partial Schools,” because they deprive students of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum. They discount the need for teacher certification and experience, and they duplicate many services and programs the taxpayers are already providing. What happened […]

  • We Need To Know … We Don’t Want To Know

    IS EDUCATION REALLY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO All CHILDREN? If so, where are the follow-up studies of those dropped on their heads by the schools? We don’t have information – at least not in any district or charter schools I know of – about the kids pushed out of schools. We like to call them […]

  • Focus On The Children – What We Do for Them And to Them

    Many communities are fighting to save their public schools. When the administrators and elected board members interface with their communities to pass bond issues or stop the drain of students pulled away by partial schools, they assume everyone knows they are fighting for kids. That must be the reason they don’t focus on education issues. […]


    NOW THE EVIDENCE IS IRREFUTABLE… While America was asleep at least three groups have moved to control American Education: Group one, the most damaging, is motivated by gaining access to the tax dollars citizens pay for public education. They hide behind a pretense of serving children and building America’s future. They are ruthless pirates who […]

  • Good People Don’t Lie. The Intentional Omission Of Facts Is Lying

    Another community meeting. Our state politician stands in front of two-hundred concerned and ready- to-help citizens. The meeting was called by concerned parents and teachers; people who believe that open, honest discussion and examination of facts will help save our public schools. The meeting progresses and all of the information given by the organizers about […]

  • Saving Your Community Means Saving Our Nation

    Ask any of the present education reformers who are set upon destroying our schools how education works. Ask what our schools do for our kids, their families, our communities, and our nation. Ask any of them what actually happens in classrooms: The socialization, and the mastery of foundation skills for individuals to use to be […]