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    Within the core of our freedoms, lie the avenues powerful individuals use to take away the rights of citizens and the controls of government designed and evolved to serve all. Americans are now aware of the reality that subversive forces have made excessive headway in destroying our rights. What has been allowed is the incursion […]

  • Did You Miss The Celebration?

    Did You Miss The Celebration?

    Those who are celebrating do not intend to represent our communities. In the primary elections, big money from outside – called Dark Money – succeeded in blocking community interests. Take the future of our public schools for example. By positioning themselves for a win in the general election, they can put in place a plan […]

  • Defeating The America Killers

    Defeating The America Killers

    For many years, I have blogged about the damage the so-called reform/Libertarian movement has done to America and to America as One Nation. A nation that prospered as WE developed strong communities, one public education system, common values, and true representative government. Our Nation is endangered by the starvation and planned destruction of neighborhood community […]

  • We Can Recover From The School Choice Movement

    We Can Recover From The School Choice Movement

    We have over 20 years of data about charter schools (partial schools) and how they have benefited or damaged public education and children. Originally, the purpose of charter schools was to free educators with new insights and give them the support they needed to create education programs that would improve our public schools. Many effective […]



    Libertarians now working to control legislatures and governments find these words offensive: WE THE PEOPLE These words are the basis of our government. The government that has brought people together to build America. America does not exist to support those who feel that it is their right to profit from or destroy collective efforts like […]

  • Parents Speak Loud and Clear

    Parents Speak Loud and Clear

    What I am hearing: Tell us what you do. Don’t assume that we know.  Each teacher has an obligation to explain to parents and the community what it is they do and why they do it. We want public schools with complete curriculum and all extracurricular activities. Keep evolving the public schools and curriculum away […]

  • Splintering And Shattering Our Communities

    There are forces at work that are so destructive they can shatter the hopes and dreams of our citizens and splinter our communities. Our communities serve the needs of citizens via good schools, good medical facilities, good policing, good and great services in almost every area. However, there are forces of greed and power that […]

  • Getting Our Heads Out Of The Morass

    Edward R. Murrow once said: “I am in a financial morass from which I am unable to extricate myself.” Many States are in a political morass as a result of a planned assault on America. The question is, how do we extricate ourselves? In Arizona, one of the most corrupt states, leaders are emerging who […]

  • Ruminations*: Reformer Plans For Athletics

    The powerful education reform movement is well underway. Taxpayers must be pleased with the progress so far. Legislators have turned the distribution of public tax dollars collected for public schools over to irresponsible hedge fund billionaires, profit-driven companies like Pearson PLC, foundations run by proven ‘winners’ like Eli Broad, Billy Gates, and the Waltons, and […]

  • Charter Schools are Set-up To Fail

    For many years, I have written about the charter school movement. As you know, I label the majority of these schools “Partial Schools,” because they deprive students of a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum. They discount the need for teacher certification and experience, and they duplicate many services and programs the taxpayers are already providing. What happened […]