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  • Opt Out!  A Parent’s Movement.  WHY?

    Opt Out! A Parent’s Movement. WHY?

    He loved school. He was excited about so many things, so many of his teachers, especially what he was learning. He was usually up and ready to go to school. He was in love with life. He came home and shared what he was learning. We were very happy and proud of him. All of […]

  • True Learning Does Not Result From Standardization

    True Learning Does Not Result From Standardization

    This blog addresses education vs inculcation via standardization. THE LEARNING PATH …I wanted to test the outcomes of my teaching approaches, my assumptions, and my new programs. I learned that the system did not have up-to-date tests, or the types of tests that could give me the input I needed. I feared some form of […]

  • Representative Democracy  Is  Worth Saving

    Representative Democracy Is Worth Saving

    In every state people go to the polls and elect representatives who will make their issues heard. What they are not aware of is that organized minorities entrenched in the government do not want the people’s input. In fact, what the majority of citizens want is often intentionally blocked. The agenda of those in control […]

  • Arizona: Strangled By An Organized Minority

    Arizona: Strangled By An Organized Minority

    Arizona is run by a well-organized minority. They work to undermine and control representative democracy, elected boards and officials, public schools, environmental regulations, any law that limits the powers of corporations, and interference in their affairs by The People. They believe in the right to rape, rip and run for personal gain while demanding free […]

  • A Portrait Of A Lady

    A Portrait Of A Lady

    A wonderful tradition in my family is to write a letter to those we love on birthdays and other memorable occasions. This is a letter I sent to my mother on her birthday, August 7, 1979.  We lost Mom on December 23, 1993, in her 86th year.  We were going through some files and found […]

  • Wait Until The Hammer Falls?

    Will our community be able to save our public schools? The election for a bond, and override funding is November 3. I could wait until the results are in, but here are the issues. Citizens be aware: The overwhelming majority of parents want their children in public schools. Not charter schools, partial schools, religious schools, […]

  • Splintering And Shattering Our Communities

    There are forces at work that are so destructive they can shatter the hopes and dreams of our citizens and splinter our communities. Our communities serve the needs of citizens via good schools, good medical facilities, good policing, good and great services in almost every area. However, there are forces of greed and power that […]

  • WHY US?

    Why us? Why attack education? Why hurt kids and deprive them of the tools they need to be productive citizens? Why attack educators and those who work to make America better? Why work to destroy a profession? Why split and destroy communities? Why hurt families? Why support corporations that force testing and curricula on states […]

  • Ruminations*: Reformer Plans For Athletics

    The powerful education reform movement is well underway. Taxpayers must be pleased with the progress so far. Legislators have turned the distribution of public tax dollars collected for public schools over to irresponsible hedge fund billionaires, profit-driven companies like Pearson PLC, foundations run by proven ‘winners’ like Eli Broad, Billy Gates, and the Waltons, and […]

  • BARBERISM Raises Its Head

    Let’s agree to use simple terms to describe complex matters. Think of a sieve used for separating coarse, from fine parts of matter. Now imagine people who believe that running students through a sieve built of data will allow them to correct or remove unacceptable thinking – like getting rid of individuality, and those who […]