Africa Cooperative Ltd Committee and listed on the loan application form. The deadline begins from which the contracting parties have reached an agreement under the following conditions: The co-operative grants them loan applications only on the availability of resources and these loans are granted for productive or necessary purposes according to the steering committee and the credit committee, and in the best interests of the borrower. Note: Guarantors must be a colleague who is preferably acceptable to the Africa Cooperative Ltd members` cooperative. The surety confirms, by an attached signature, that the loan applicant is an appropriate person to whom a loan/advance should be granted. The surety is irrevocably committed to compensate the co-op in the event of default, capital and unpaid interest at the time of default. Proof of residence address (supply invoices, lease agreement) The company has the right to calculate interest on approved loans at an interest rate set by the management committee and to pass on to the lender member. In the event of a late payment, the penalty interest rate applies in accordance with the provisions of the Bye Act. This policy binds all loan applications to the company, without exception. Loan contracts define the terms of a loan agreement. 1.6 Until the repayment of the facilities paid monthly at the co-operative interest rate, the borrower, by infringing on one or all of the rights and remedies against the co-op, attracts the unpaid amount.

I/We confirm that I/We are aware of my responsibility to ensure that I have sufficient funds in my account to accommodate the cheaques that are drawn there. Africa Cooperative Limited, (hereafter referred to as `cooperative`) with ……………… Nigeria Official ID card spotted and copy containing the request. . . . 1.5 The device must be the tone of a period of `month` or another period, The borrower is designated by Credit I, taking into account the co-op that provides the borrower`s loan facility with a credit facility in the total amount of credit, the borrower hereby agrees to pay, at his request, all amounts indicated in the facility, including the costs and costs associated with recovering one of the amounts ow.