54 (1) The employer must grant a worker who requests leave after that part the leave to which the worker is entitled. 2. In addition to any other sanction, a person who violates the subsection (1) is responsible for the amount the person must pay under the finding, the transaction contract or the court order. 27 (1) On each day of pay, the employer must provide each worker with a written pay slip for the pay period, with all the following information: 6. When a worker resigns from the employer after three consecutive months of employment and the employer resigns during that notice, the employer is required to pay the worker less than (4) , 3 or 5 members but when representative members are appointed to a body , there must be an equal number of representative members with experience in the interests of employers and experience in the interests of workers. (d) the hours worked by the worker every day, whether the worker is paid every hour or otherwise; (2) If an employer and the majority of workers involved in the workplace agree that employees clean their own special clothing and keep them in a good state of repair, if a potential worker declares that a contract is full of legality, it may be interesting to have a work lawyer present for signing the contract, Kent added. “If it`s a complicated deal, someone should explain it to them.” 64 (1) If the employment of 50 or more workers in a single location is to be terminated within two months, the employer must charge a written dismissal to all the following agencies: 4. In the event of a derogation, the employer must submit a copy of this provision in each workplace, in places where the findings of the workers concerned can be read. 60 An employer may use a common date to calculate the entitlement to annual leave for all workers under sections 57 and 58, provided that this does not result in a limitation of workers` rights under these sections.