There is no law that covers a maximum amount that a landlord can collect if a rent payment exceeds the specified due date. In order for an owner to charge for a certain late payment, he must be consultable in the signed tenancy agreement for the compensation to be mandatory. In order for future legal information and the tenant`s claims to be properly communicated to the lessor, the name and address of the landlord or person who can act on behalf of the lessor must be disclosed in advance (usually in the tenancy agreement). Identification (No. 70-24-301) – The lessor is required to write a declaration in the contract informing the tenant (s) of the person (s) authorized to manage and enter the property. If non-compliance is something that the tenant can repair by repair, damages or otherwise, and the tenant appropriately repairs the non-compliance before the date indicated in the notice of contract, the tenancy agreement is inconclusive. Month by month. A month-to-month lease is indeterminate, with rent generally payable monthly. The agreement can be written or may be an oral agreement. Either the landlord or the tenant can change the conditions, increase the rent or terminate the month contract at any time with a correct announcement. Notification required for entry (No.

70-24-312): In the event of a non-emergency, landlords must give at least 24 (24) hours` notice to tenants before entering the rental unit. Commercial Lease Contract – Creates a written loan that sets out the lease conditions for a piece of land for a period of time. The standard montana rental contract for residential real estate is the most popular type of rental used by landlords for fixed-term leases. The duration of the tenancy is usually twelve (12) months, but can be for a fixed term by the lessor. As soon as a tenant is interested in a housing unit, the landlord must have the applicant complete a rental application to verify his background and his current financial status. In case of authorization, a rental agreement and, if necessary, a deposit… The following disclosure is required for all leases in Montana.