The McMaster University Medical Centre at Hamilton Health Sciences is home to McMaster Children`s Hospital. Since April 4, 2011, a specialized pediatric emergency room has been caring for infants, children and adolescents under the age of 17. Our dedicated team of health care professionals provides family-centred emergency care that includes teaching, research and health promotion. 1. Certificate of registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario as a registered nurse 2. Latest BCLS and NRP 3 certification. Certification in pediatric emergency care or equivalent 4. Evidence of current assessment and management knowledge in a wide range of disease processes related to infants, children and adolescents; That is, critically ill, injured, episodic and non-urgent patients 5. Proven knowledge of pediatric growth and development, family-centered care, family roles and structure, pain and death and death management 6. Recent knowledge and experience of vascular application, cardiorespiratory monitoring, paediatric drug administration 7. Demonstrated ability to teach health and promote and knowledge the principles of adult education 8. Skills demonstrated in collaboration with peers and multidisciplinary health teams, both in the hospital and in the community 9.

The last 2 years of paediatric experience (in the last 5 years) are 13. The last 2 years of emergency care experience (over the past 5 years) Preferably As a member of the health team, the registered nurse coordinates and evaluates patient care and provides care according to job description and practical standards for nurses enrolled in the ER. At a time when Canadians are facing a growing ageing workforce for health care professionals, who are more vulnerable to the sick, this case is of considerable importance in ensuring that workers` data protection rights are not violated by intrusive access to confidential medical information.