As an adjacent owner, we can verify the notification and supporting documents and act on your behalf, as a general rule, the costs associated with this service are paid by the person doing the work, unless the work involves a repair of a common wall, etc. The breadth of our technical knowledge in practice ensures that we are able to comment and evaluate details appropriately in the context of communications and prepare the content and the provision of technical information necessary for attribution. As part of our service, we offer 30 minutes of free consultation as part of the RICS counselling system for domestic situations. Please contact Mike Bull first in our Bristol office. For more information, please download the partywall booklet below. Our surveyors are highly qualified and experienced in all cases that arise under and beside the party wall, etc. 1996 Act. This means that the party concerned is not disadvantaged by a practitioner who finds the way only in a complex and controversial area of property rights. Proper consideration of the planning and detail of extensions and new constructions in relation to the party`s wall law is the key to the project`s success in the construction phase, which can help reduce delays due to the party`s wall law. The Party Wall Consultancy is one of the leading firms specializing in this field. All of our surveyors are fellow fellow members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Our surveyors are also fellows of the party`s college of surveyors and members of the party wall interest group, the Pyramus – Thisbe Club. Our managers have acted as surveyors for individuals and blue chip companies like McDonalds and Lloyds TSB.

You have worked on small expansions and large commercial projects. For us, size doesn`t matter. The best advice possible! Quite simply, if your project does not have a building permit, you do not allow the construction of your building under the Party Wall etc. Act. Most projects require a party break-up notice if they also carry out internal work on the party wall or if you install foundations within a 3 metre radius of the neighbouring property. The law on the walls of the party is not affected by a building permit or a planning permit. Similarly, the building permit is not issued by a building permit that does not nullify compliance with the law on the party walls. Even if your property has benefited from the permitted development rights, a party objection is still required. If you continue without one, you can get into legal hot water, risk getting claims and perhaps keeping your works through injunctions. The service or notification may give rise to a formal legal designation under Section 10 (1) of the party wall, etc.