The worst thing you can do is to continue business as usual, as if you had never had strategic planning outside the site. Not only have you wasted time and money for everyone, but you have also made it almost impossible to move people for the future. Regular strategy reviews are the key to implementing your strategic plan, setting numbers, achieving your business goals and, finally, habit for all stakeholders. These meetings give you the opportunity to manage activities that advance future results and to hold people accountable for the organization of these activities. According to a Fortune cover story, 86% of business owners and executives spend less than an hour a month discussing strategy. It is not surprising that the same article reports that nine out of ten organizations have not implemented their strategic plan. Quarterly strategy meetings, including monthly ones, allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your strategic planning efforts and make the necessary adjustments before it becomes too late. Strategic thinking is hard work. It takes a lot of mental energy to pull together all the pieces of the puzzle, see the future, make strategic decisions and organize the plan wisely.

Until the end of most strategic planning meetings, people are mentally exhausted. Going through the agenda is usually what it takes to have a finished plan. Sometimes, however, it is not possible to do everything. Focus on the results rather than the specific agenda. Plan implementation and follow-up services help the worker develop a career rehabilitation plan. Do you want a strategic planning meeting to ignite? Forge yourself forward, even if you know you have some personnel problems. If a senior employee is angry or has an open problem, your strategic planning meeting may be interrupted. This person can sit at the session like a steamy elephant and finally blow his top and get the meeting out of the class. Implementation is the process that transforms strategies and plans into actions to achieve strategic objectives and objectives.

While the strategic plan deals with what and why activities, implementation focuses on who, where, when and how. Implementation is thought to be just as important, if not more important, than strategy. The fact is that both are essential to success. Implementation allows companies to gain competitive advantages if they are actually implemented. Below is a planning schedule that can help you realize and implement your plan. Once your resources are available, you can set the implementation schedule. If you learn that the work force has chosen Option 2 before completing the plan, your final report should contain the list of lessons normally learned in the most difficult way.