Businesses must be able to file a complaint without fear of reprisal from INRS. Section 51 of the Act, which respects the public of the Markets Authority, prohibits retaliation against an individual or partnership, so that they refrain from filing a complaint with the AMP. Individuals or partnerships who feel they are being retaliated against can file a complaint with the GPA. The MPA will determine whether the complaint is justified and make recommendations to the Director General of the public body affected by the reprisals, which it deems appropriate. After reviewing the case, the AMP will inform the complainant of its findings and recommendations and, if necessary, the Public Mutual Berhad website will be proposed to you, provided that the conditions and indications contained in it are changed. Your use of the Public Mutual Berhad site represents your consent to all these conditions and indications. Before starting the process of registering an investment fund, the applicant of an investment fund must obtain the approval of the Authority. In order to apply for permission to set up a mutual fund, the following information should be provided to the Authority. As outlined in the guidelines for international funds, this application for approval from the Authority is necessary to allow the company`s promoters to carry out due diligence. This application should be submitted on the appendix 1 form and include, for at least every proponent, the following. In the event of a request for information or clarification on the content of documents from an ongoing tender, of the qualification of suppliers, the certification of products or the award of an amicable contract in accordance with paragraph 4, paragraph 1, paragraph 13, of the Public Procurement Act (ACPB), the appropriate procedure is to address the person mentioned in the communication on the Electronic Tender System (EEAS). Where documents from an ongoing tender, supplier qualification, certification of goods or awarding of an amicable contract in accordance with paragraph 4, paragraph 1, of Section 13 of the ACP-EU Treaty contain conditions that do not guarantee honest and fair treatment of bidders, they do not allow bidders to compete, although they are qualified to meet the requirements. , or otherwise non-compliant with the normative framework, the appropriate approach is to raise your concerns with INRS by addressing the person mentioned in the news release issued on THE EEAS.